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Clean, Green, Botanical Beauty for ALL

CBD Vitamin C Hydrating Face Oil


This luxurious face oil offers the calming skin comforts of Prospect Farms’ Full Spectrum CBD combined with ultra rich Vitamin C to keep your skin to reset your sensitive stressed out delicate skin and let your freshly hydrated face glow bright! Soothing & never oily, this quick absorption has a silky matte finish that allows for instant application of make up or whatever your needs are.

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CBD Calming Eye Balm


Your eye's moment of comforting calm has arrived. Reimagining our cult classic with the power of full spectrum CBD from Prospect Farms, Cannuka's Calming Eye Balm is a decadent natural way to moisturize, refresh, and protect your delicate under-eye skin while waving goodbye to dark circles. Initially cool to the touch, this luxurious eye balm warms on contact and transforms into an indulgent, silky consistency.

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Cannuka + Prospect Farms

When our team at Cannuka decided to create a premium skincare line, we wanted to work with a world-class ingredient provider—a partner with an incredible story, a commitment to ethics and integrity, and the highest standard for quality. Enter Prospect Farms.

Prospect Farms is the result of 2 years of tireless work rehabilitating a centuries-old farm in the small coastal town of Prospect, Maine, to build a 250-acre state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to grow, formulate, manufacture and distribute premium wellness products.

Not only did Prospect breathe life into an old farm but more importantly it brought jobs back to midcoast Maine and are proud to share that today we are the largest employer in the town of Prospect.

Growing up on a farm in rural Ohio, Cannuka founder Michael Bumgarner always had a passion for the livelihood of his fellow farmers — as well as products that benefit health and the environment. It was from this shared passion that the Cannuka and Prospect Farms partnership began.

From the seeds to the soil to the formulations, everything happens directly on Prospect Farms.
At Prospect Farms, We believe nature has a way of making the best solutions simple. This is why we take the time to organically grow, harvest, and craft our products by hand. Where our generational farmers’ organic practices consider not only what is grown, but also what is left behind. Where nothing is imported, synthetic, or a corner ever cut. Because green beauty should be green.

Cannuka could not be prouder to be partnering with Prospect Farms to introduce this new luxury line and setting the new standard for clean, green beauty.